Monday, September 19, 2011

Steve Buscemi

Alcoholic chihuahua eyes. Beautiful.

Yeah yeah, late again. I've been so busy with my new job (yeah that's right) that I haven't been able to sit down properly to draw, which is both good and bad. Sorry Steve...

Friday, September 2, 2011


They're sisters, in case you were wondering if the mustachioed one was a guy. Love love love this band. Does the drawing do them justice?

I like the colours best here, the watercolours came up great in Sierra's hair (the one that looks like an albino geisha) and Bianca's eye make-up and tiger t-shirt. Too much white space though, maybe? I don't mind TOO much that it doesn't look like them, the photograph was so arty anyway that any drawing that came out of it was bound to look weird. I like that it can be interpreted as anything, like there's a story behind it. What do you think it means?

I don't even know, they're some kooky sisters though. Have a good weekend all! See you soon for Steve Buscemi...