Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hugh Laurie

Or House.

He looks a little bug eyed doesn't he?

I got a scanner at last. I'm still getting used to working with it instead of photographing the different stages. The light levels are different; the photographs are usually darker hence poor Hugh's looking a little ghostly. I'm happy with this drawing though. It looks like him, and his face looks well proportioned.

Next week: Cocorosie. I'm so excited I might start it early. Is that tragic?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Geena Davis

Beteleguese! Beteleguese! Beteleguese!

I saw Beetlejuice on tv a couple of weeks ago (I think it's been on three times this year so far) and it inspired me to draw Geena Davis. I thought she'd be fun; she's got an amazing face and knows how to use it. Some of the expressions she has in that film are priceless. Go watch it if you haven't seen it yet. It'll probably be on tv again soon so no excuses for not being able to afford renting it out...

I like this one. Mostly for the colours, I decided to tone down the skin tones after what I did to 'Broken Jaw' and it was definitely for the best. The cross-hatching looks really good here too. I'm sorry guys, I forgot to photograph that stage before I added the watercolour, or else I could have put a simple black and white drawing up too. Oh well. And yeah, she looks like Kate Bush. But both girls were from the 80s so whatever. I'm not going to cry about it.

See you next week for Hugh Laurie aka House... my first normal looking subject in a while. Get ready!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Broken Jaw

Facial acrobatics, anyone?

Had a bit of an accident with some ink spillage on the forehead. I tried my best to cover it up in photoshop but it still looks dodgy. But hey! I also got new watercolours! I had some fun playing around with those. I'm still getting used to them though, I'm so used to doing skin tones with just one tan brown pencil and a black, so the skin colouring here isn't looking too accurate. I put a solid red/pink colour over the top of the drawing in ps to make those colours blend in together a bit better and I think that works; it also highlights the tension and pain in his face... Seriously, how does he do that?