Sunday, July 10, 2011


I miss skins. And I miss Sid and Cassie! Did they find eachother in New York and live happily ever after? Or did Cassie finally succumb to her anorexia and die a slow, tragic death all alone... or did Sid get lost and settle for a nice American girl to bring back for season whatever... ???

I hope it was the first option. True love conquers all, especially on television.

This was a bit of an experiment. It's a photomontage, where an illustration is made up with different techniques, be it photography, painting, drawing, collage etc. I drew Sid and Cassie with ink, then applied an ink wash (ink and water mixed together) with a paintbrush for the tone. I didn't photograph the grass - the weather is really grey down here in Melbourne - so I just grabbed it from the net. Then I dropped it into photoshop as a layer over the drawing, on multiply of course, and erased the grass part where Sid and Cassie were but left the background and the joint... cos' its grass, geddit? Both layers are above, so you can see what they look like alone before they're combined for the final image.

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