Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ganguro Girl

So I finally broke my promise and uploaded a drawing a week late. But you guys, I have a good excuse! No, the dog didn't eat my folio... my computer crashed. All good now though. You didn't notice anyway, did you?

The good news is with all that extra time I had I was able to put more into this drawing, and I have to say I'm really happy with the result. I've drawn a Ganguro girl. I don't know much about them but from looking at the one below you don't have to. They're just weird. That's it. But how cool are they? I mean, I wonder how long it would take for them to get ready in the morning? And would they have to replace their bronzer every day or just weekly? Weird or not, anyone who can be bothered putting that much effort into their appearance deserves a pat on the back. And a good facial cleanser.

Ink outline with watercolour. The colours are a bit off because I'm still using the limited derwent kit I have. It has about 10 colours which is nowhere near enough. But apart from that, I'm stoked with it. I think I've finally figured out the style I like; ink outline, watercolour and minimal crosshatching. I've found I'm most happy with the drawings that are done like that so if you're onto a good thing why change it? So from now on every drawing I do will be like this (pretty much anyway). Hooray for self realisation!

Have a good week guys! See you next time.

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