Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swimming With The Fishes

Youtube is the BEST boredom cure. Came across the video for The Chemical Brothers 'The Test'... and so naturally I took a few screen grabs. Because it's the thing to do. The video is basically about a raver on an acid trip but the story is quite subtle and the way it's shot is really beautiful. This scene is my favourite; the heroine is swimming in the belly of a whale with a group of electric jellyfish.

I could only do this in watercolour, no ink this time! I'm not so used to drawing like that, drawing with ink first is a good guideline, but the wishy washy style works as it's set underwater. Black is my biggest weakness though. I had the same thing happen with Gia Carangi (my first drawing... God it seems like ages ago) where the black spreads when there's too much water and overpowers the other colours. You can see it in the hair, it's more grey than blue. More practice, hooray!

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