Monday, June 6, 2011

Aleksander Emelianenko

Yay second request!!!

This is Aleksander Emelianenko, a "mixed martial artist" from Russia. He's trained in judo, westling and boxing, he's been fighting since his teens and most of his tattoos were done while he was in jail and have various mafia meanings. He's crazy scary. Look at those eyes! I had to stare at them for a LONG TIME this week.

Pen and ink, with the tattoos in grey lead. My pen nib kind of broke so the lines are really thick and messy looking, but I actually think it works in making him look all rough and ready. It'd look weird if it as too polished... And I blackened his eyes, with grey lead and then in photoshop, to make him look more nightmarish. He didn't look scary enough without it. What do you think?

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