Friday, May 6, 2011

Bryan Ferry + Jerry Hall

I haven't drawn many full body portraits, as opposed to just straight faces, and so I thought this photograph would be really good to draw in terms of looking at the form and the positioning of the limbs of the body. I also had another go at cross-hatching and, so happy, it looks much better here than it did for Alice Glass. Practice really does make perfect. Although I'm pretty sure Jerry's looking more like Claire Danes here. I'm not out of the woods yet...

I drew a basic outline with my pen before colouring in the bold black parts with a paint brush and ink, as you can see on the left below. After that, I added the cross-hatching detail to show tone. With cross-hatching, you need to layer short lines over eachother to create tone, the more 'crosses' you make, the darker the shadows get and it makes the drawing look more realistic. I thought about adding colour but decided against it; it looks fine as it is.

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