Friday, May 27, 2011

Bon Scott + Groupies

10th drawing! Landmark! This week we have another photojournalist: Australian photographer Rennie Ellis. Among other things, he went on tour with AC/DC documenting their varied rock star shenanigans, both on-stage and off. This here is an example; Bon Scott backstage with a couple of groupies. I love this pic for the camp make-up on the girls, particularly the one on the right; she looks like she could be an extra from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. And Bon looks so bogan in his flairs and runners. So 70's.

I figured with the bright colours here I could play around with watercolours, so I did, then I photoshopped it. Same routine as always, I created a solid colour layer, in multiply mode, to warm up the tone. Then I couldn't decide whether to include a gradient (a fading colour) to show the floor so they're not floating in space, but maybe it looks too busy... I included both so you decide.

I really like this one... watercolours are always fun to play with and the colours came out really well. Hope you like! And look up Rennie Ellis for more camp Australian pics from the 70's -

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