Monday, May 30, 2011

Bleeding Man

This guy is an extra from a violent crowd scene in the film "The Day Of The Locust". I found him in this book I bought recently by Mary Ellen Mark - 'Seen Behind The Scene'. It is exactly as it says it is; a book of behind the scenes footage from different films. It's full of great photographs like the one above, both celebrities and the unknown, but all the images are really obscure. They constantly make you look twice.

I've been a fan of Mark for a long time, I've had her photograph 'Amanda and her Cousin Amy' on each bedroom wall I've ever had since I was a teenager. She's a quirky photographer, very similar to Diane Arbus and yes, she's another photojournalist... are you tired of that?

Greylead pencil, with the blood coloured in photoshop. I did this by creating another layer on top of the drawing, in 'screen' mode, and then painted over the image in red on the bloody area. Really simple and quick.

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