Friday, April 8, 2011

Second: Alice Glass

I don't have many favourite bands or musicians, but when I find something new that I like, I tend to listen to them obsessively for a month or so and then get over them pretty quickly after that. Sadly, Crystal Castles is no exception. I do still really love them and I perk up when I hear them or someone mentions them or whatever, I just don't like them as much as before. I mean before that it was Girl Talk who I hardly ever listen to anymore and right now it's Mickey Avalon. He'll probably be on here soon.

ANYWAY... who wants to know about that? This blog is about drawing and this one is of Alice Glass, the lead singer of Crystal Castles. I've been wanting to draw her for a while, mostly when I was in that phase I was talking about before, and now I've finally done it. Most pictures of her are when she's on stage or doing the usual poses you see most musos do, but I found this one where she's looking a bit more casual and loose, like she's bored and broody but she's winking at you at the same time. My favourite people to draw are those who look really unconventional or quirky, that's what drew me to Alice and, I guess, the people you'll see further down the track here.

I drew this with pen and indian ink, on normal low quality paper and it shows. The cross hatching looks a little dodgy because my pen nib kept catching little bits of wet paper in it and I had to stop and draw over some lines, hence the messy look. In the end I gave up on the right sleeve, it was driving me nuts, but I think I get away with it because it looks like the light is brighter on her there. Plus photoshop helped too.

I added some colour once it was in ps, through layers in multiply mode, but I wanted to keep it minimal so the focus was on the cross hatching, even though it looks rough. I think the red version worked best because it looks more graphic. The other two were too minimal. She looks more punky and sexy than the photo, but also a little scarier.

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  1. I dont exactly know the meaning of many of the technical terms u used but u are certainly putting in a lot of effort!! All the Best!