Friday, April 29, 2011

Mickey Avalon

You wouldn't think he was a rapper by looking at him would you? I love this guy.

I wanted to draw a picture of Mickey Avalon's tattoos and this was the best picture I found. It's such a great pose too. I've used greylead pencil mostly (which I haven't drawn with in the LONGEST time...) and added colour in photoshop with the brushes palette.

When I was first drawing this I was going to have only his tattoos in colour, thats why they're alone on a separate drawing from his body. But wait! His tattoos have no colour! I'm an idiot. So I just painted his skin with the brushes in photoshop, as you can see in the last drawing layer above (it looks freaky on its own doesn't it?), and then combined all the layers together in multiply mode. Seriously, that function is my best friend.

And there you have it. I'll die if he comes across this. Which he won't, right? Three followers! Hell yeah! Lol have a good weekend guys.