Thursday, March 31, 2011

Starting Right Now

My first ever drawing here is of Gia Carangi. She was a model from the Eighties, some refer to her as the first 'Supermodel', and she was absolutely GORGEOUS. I had a lot of fun drawing her. See, the thing about drawing beautiful people is it isn't hard to make them look good, because they already look good, you know? This was definitely a conscious decision when easing myself back into drawing. Does it work? You be the judge.

Apologies for the poor photography! I lost my camera so I had to use my phone. Also, the lighting in our lounge room is shocking and its been overcast every time I've wanted to photograph something. Hmm... But you get the idea.

I drew this with watercolour pencils, and then painted over it with water. I only have about ten pencils left so she's looking a bit yellow and the green of her shirt is way off. Also the hairstyle is too big. I opened the last photograph in photoshop and fixed these things, and I also added a creamy yellow background to make her look more warm and summery.

And now it's done! My first drawing. I'm really happy with it. I think if you look at this and the actual photo you can see the resemblance quite clearly. Not bad for my first illustration in what... a couple of months? Probably longer. But I do need to invest in a full set of derwents fast if I'm going to take this seriously. Hope you like it!

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  1. Hey Shai...great for the first drawing...!!!! can imagine how difficult it is to portrait someone.