Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Siouxsie Sioux

She looks like Helena Bonham Carter...

It's way out of proportion; her eyes are too small and her face too wide. I'll draw her again, Siouxsie deserves better. I like the rendering though. I might try using watercolour over cross-hatching for a couple more drawings, see if it improves. Watch this space.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Everyone has a book or a film or an album that changed their lives. Mine is 'Ghost World' (The film, not the comic book). It's about two best friends who finish high school and their lives change and they grow up blah blah but really, that's beside the point. The thing I loved about this film was that Enid, the main character, was a total loser like I was but she was able to appreciate it, didn't take shit from anyone and revelled in being different. I saw it at a time in my life where I felt lost and invisible, and I think literally the day after I watched it I changed the way I dressed, changed the music I listened to and how I acted around people. Enid was my role model and I wish all teenagers would see 'Ghost World', particularly those who don't feel like they fit in at high school or are bullied.

Am I getting too personal? Let's lighten the mood, shall we? It's actually a really funny movie. Doug is my favourite character (behind Weird Al, but I couldn't find any good pics of him). I can't even describe the greatness of Doug so see for yourself:

Love the sunburn. We're all going to look like this at some stage this summer, sans abs though maybe?

By the way, I just know the past few months have been far too long without me but don't despair! I'm back and I'll have a new drawing for you next week. I'll be more chipper by then too, I promise.

Have an awesome week.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Lana Del Rey

I found Lana Del Rey about a week ago (but she wasn't lost) and I haven't been able to stop listening to her music. It's very noir-ish and loungey... and yeah, I'm making up words because I can't describe how good she is, but she's hella addictive. I think I've listened to 'Video Games' about 50 times now. And 'Diet Mtn Dew', and 'You Can Be The Boss'... Not that I'm obsessive or anything. If you haven't heard of her, go youtube her now and remember to thank me.

The drawing doesn't do her justice, but standing alone, if you didn't know it was her, this is a good picture. I'm not sure if I prefer the watercolour or the photoshopped pic best though. I think the picture above makes her look a bit moody? And her eyes make her look like an insect. I really need to be more of a glass half full person, hey. I do like it though...

To the people who regularly check this blog (I think there's about three of you, but whatever) you've probably noticed I'm getting later with putting drawings up. I have a good excuse though! I got a job, a proper one with my own desk and shit, so I haven't had the amount of spare time I used to have to sit down and draw. But I won't give up, you guys. Instead of drawing week by week, I'm going to aim to upload drawings monthly, one or two depending how much time I have and how much I care. I knew you'd understand.

See you soon, I don't know when.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Steve Buscemi

Alcoholic chihuahua eyes. Beautiful.

Yeah yeah, late again. I've been so busy with my new job (yeah that's right) that I haven't been able to sit down properly to draw, which is both good and bad. Sorry Steve...

Friday, September 2, 2011


They're sisters, in case you were wondering if the mustachioed one was a guy. Love love love this band. Does the drawing do them justice?

I like the colours best here, the watercolours came up great in Sierra's hair (the one that looks like an albino geisha) and Bianca's eye make-up and tiger t-shirt. Too much white space though, maybe? I don't mind TOO much that it doesn't look like them, the photograph was so arty anyway that any drawing that came out of it was bound to look weird. I like that it can be interpreted as anything, like there's a story behind it. What do you think it means?

I don't even know, they're some kooky sisters though. Have a good weekend all! See you soon for Steve Buscemi...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hugh Laurie

Or House.

He looks a little bug eyed doesn't he?

I got a scanner at last. I'm still getting used to working with it instead of photographing the different stages. The light levels are different; the photographs are usually darker hence poor Hugh's looking a little ghostly. I'm happy with this drawing though. It looks like him, and his face looks well proportioned.

Next week: Cocorosie. I'm so excited I might start it early. Is that tragic?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Geena Davis

Beteleguese! Beteleguese! Beteleguese!

I saw Beetlejuice on tv a couple of weeks ago (I think it's been on three times this year so far) and it inspired me to draw Geena Davis. I thought she'd be fun; she's got an amazing face and knows how to use it. Some of the expressions she has in that film are priceless. Go watch it if you haven't seen it yet. It'll probably be on tv again soon so no excuses for not being able to afford renting it out...

I like this one. Mostly for the colours, I decided to tone down the skin tones after what I did to 'Broken Jaw' and it was definitely for the best. The cross-hatching looks really good here too. I'm sorry guys, I forgot to photograph that stage before I added the watercolour, or else I could have put a simple black and white drawing up too. Oh well. And yeah, she looks like Kate Bush. But both girls were from the 80s so whatever. I'm not going to cry about it.

See you next week for Hugh Laurie aka House... my first normal looking subject in a while. Get ready!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Broken Jaw

Facial acrobatics, anyone?

Had a bit of an accident with some ink spillage on the forehead. I tried my best to cover it up in photoshop but it still looks dodgy. But hey! I also got new watercolours! I had some fun playing around with those. I'm still getting used to them though, I'm so used to doing skin tones with just one tan brown pencil and a black, so the skin colouring here isn't looking too accurate. I put a solid red/pink colour over the top of the drawing in ps to make those colours blend in together a bit better and I think that works; it also highlights the tension and pain in his face... Seriously, how does he do that?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ganguro Girl

So I finally broke my promise and uploaded a drawing a week late. But you guys, I have a good excuse! No, the dog didn't eat my folio... my computer crashed. All good now though. You didn't notice anyway, did you?

The good news is with all that extra time I had I was able to put more into this drawing, and I have to say I'm really happy with the result. I've drawn a Ganguro girl. I don't know much about them but from looking at the one below you don't have to. They're just weird. That's it. But how cool are they? I mean, I wonder how long it would take for them to get ready in the morning? And would they have to replace their bronzer every day or just weekly? Weird or not, anyone who can be bothered putting that much effort into their appearance deserves a pat on the back. And a good facial cleanser.

Ink outline with watercolour. The colours are a bit off because I'm still using the limited derwent kit I have. It has about 10 colours which is nowhere near enough. But apart from that, I'm stoked with it. I think I've finally figured out the style I like; ink outline, watercolour and minimal crosshatching. I've found I'm most happy with the drawings that are done like that so if you're onto a good thing why change it? So from now on every drawing I do will be like this (pretty much anyway). Hooray for self realisation!

Have a good week guys! See you next time.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Dylan Moran

I liked this drawing until I photographed it. The annoying thing about drawing with greylead is that it's shiny; it reflects the light. So I had to bring out the contrast more than I would have liked to make his hair more black. I mean it's his trademark, I HAD to. Otherwise I'm happy with it. You can see the likeness there and it retains the humour of the picture I copied. But, yeah.

I want a scanner for my birthday. Dad, if you're reading this, take note. Kidding! All I need is your love. But not really. So...

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I miss skins. And I miss Sid and Cassie! Did they find eachother in New York and live happily ever after? Or did Cassie finally succumb to her anorexia and die a slow, tragic death all alone... or did Sid get lost and settle for a nice American girl to bring back for season whatever... ???

I hope it was the first option. True love conquers all, especially on television.

This was a bit of an experiment. It's a photomontage, where an illustration is made up with different techniques, be it photography, painting, drawing, collage etc. I drew Sid and Cassie with ink, then applied an ink wash (ink and water mixed together) with a paintbrush for the tone. I didn't photograph the grass - the weather is really grey down here in Melbourne - so I just grabbed it from the net. Then I dropped it into photoshop as a layer over the drawing, on multiply of course, and erased the grass part where Sid and Cassie were but left the background and the joint... cos' its grass, geddit? Both layers are above, so you can see what they look like alone before they're combined for the final image.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swimming With The Fishes

Youtube is the BEST boredom cure. Came across the video for The Chemical Brothers 'The Test'... and so naturally I took a few screen grabs. Because it's the thing to do. The video is basically about a raver on an acid trip but the story is quite subtle and the way it's shot is really beautiful. This scene is my favourite; the heroine is swimming in the belly of a whale with a group of electric jellyfish.

I could only do this in watercolour, no ink this time! I'm not so used to drawing like that, drawing with ink first is a good guideline, but the wishy washy style works as it's set underwater. Black is my biggest weakness though. I had the same thing happen with Gia Carangi (my first drawing... God it seems like ages ago) where the black spreads when there's too much water and overpowers the other colours. You can see it in the hair, it's more grey than blue. More practice, hooray!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Marlon Brando

"Nobody tells me what to do. You keep needlin' me, if I want to, I'm gonna take this joint apart and you're not gonna know what hit you." - Johnny - 'The Wild One'


Now go watch The Wild One. Right Now.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Ok, so I looked up bad 80s hair and this was top of the list. Go figure.

I actually could have picked any number of Madonna photos to draw; she's got an incredible face and knows how to take a good photograph. AND she's had so many 'reinventions'... but I chose this one for the colours in her (bad 80s) hair and the contrast of that to the rest of her body and clothes. Watercolour time! I also think her 'Like A Virgin' phase is the best of anything else she's done. It's a shame she's not like that anymore. Growing old is a bitch.